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What is Dalecoin chat

Dalecoinchat is a bot built on telegram specifically for dalecoin chat ecosystem.

The first implimentation will help control group and channel access with token requirments.

The second implimentation would allow user create their group and monetize it.

In order to join any group or channel created via the bot A user will need the required amount of dalecoins specified by the group or channel to gain access.

Note: The user is not spending his dalecoin tokens rather having tokens in his wallet gives the user access to premium group/channels.


How to use Dalecoin chat

Start the bot with the /start command and follow the prompts. you will be required to enter your address having dalecoins.

Bot will verify if its a valid address
then present you with the list of groups. Any group marked with red X sign means user does not have enough tokens to join the group and will be required to add more dalecoins to gain access.

click on any group with red X sign and you would see how many more tokens you need to add to your wallet to gain access. Groups showing green check mark means user can access the group. simply click the group and bot will add you up to the group.


Functions of Dalecoin chat

However bot will constantly check addresses to ensure users maintain the required amount of tokens else bot will kick the user out of the group with a notification to get more tokens.

In the next implimentation and update of the bot which we are still working on the logic. Users will be able to create their own group and monetize it and earn Dalecoins via subscription. A user who desire to create and monetize his group must have at least 5,000 dalecoins in his wallet.

eg. if a user has a desire to create a group to teach people on how to design clothes and wants interested members to join on a subscription bases. the next implimentation would allow them to create their group and recieve payments in dalecoins 

Dalecoin chat Guide

The video will show you the simple steps on how to use dalecoinchat